Recently I bought a motorcycle from Byron Bay (NSW), travelling from Brisbane (QLD).

It was quite the adventure doing so. I wasn't sure whether I could cross the borders. And if I could, I wasn't sure if my excuse (to buy a motorbike) was a legally valid one.

But it turned out it was fine, as long as I observed other guidelines including of social distancing. I made it back!

Here's the Ducati 900SS I bought, complete with entry-pass:

Yellow Ducati motorcycle with Queensland COVID-19 entry pass
Yellow Ducati 900SS with Queensland entry pass

I did my research about the COVID-19 border restrictions and realised

  • I could exit Queensland and enter NSW with no worries

There was no station along the way checking who's from NSW and who's not. There was nothing at all.

However on the other side,

  • I could only enter Queensland as a resident, or if I fit into one of the other exclusions.

To enter Queensland I had to get a Queensland Border Pass from this website.

It looked like this:

Queensland entry pass under COVID
Entry pass for entering Queensland from another Australian border

You can get one by filling out a form declaring your address and the reason you're exempt from travel.

As of June 2020, the exemptions are that you are a/an

  1. Queensland resident or travelling to take up permanent Queensland residency, or a border resident commuting or accessing essential goods and services
  2. Not a resident but exempt as a government employee, health care worker, person in transit, or a number of other things
  3. Agribusiness/commercial fishing worker or contractor

I fit into the first one, so I displayed the entry pass under my windshield and went through.

Queensland COVID-19 disaster declaration entry pass under motorcycle windshield
Queensland Entry Pass under motorcycle windshield

Currently, where you can travel in Australia depends on where you're a resident, and what states are adjoining.

Map of Australian states and territories and borders
Australian states and territories

So basically, these rules are all over the place!

As a Queenslander, I can go to NSW, Victoria, and SA and nobody will care. Then I can come home with a piece of paper under my windshield and nobody will care there either.

But as a South Australian, you wouldn't get the reciprocal right to enter QLD.

They rules are also likely to change with almost no notice. Check them before you do anything.